30% less Sodium, 100% Taste!

The bakery industry the world over has been battling with how to adequately reduce the levels of sodium in bakery products, without affecting taste and quality. You see it’s a little know fact to our customers that in bread baking the salt isn’t just in there for the taste.

Salt plays a very important role in the control of the whole bread making process, really making it what we know it to be. Any change, particularly a reduction can and will mean change in area’s of dough consistency, handling, water absorption, shelf life, and of course taste.

Other products such as cakes and pies, it really is in there for taste purposes mainly so not quite as critical to the process.

With the ever increasing research and awareness of the detrimental effects of sodium on health, we have been struggling for ways to appropriately assist with a reduction in sodium content in bakery products.

Look no more!

Uncle Bobs has done it first, for the last week thanks to the latest technology in ingredients all of our products have had a 30% – 38% reduction in sodium content, every loaf of bread, pie, cake, and pastry from Uncle Bobs is now the healthiest it’s ever been. We are the only bakery in the country that can give you that.

This is a landmark moment that will change baking in Australia for ever!

But, most importantly we have done it without ANY compromise on taste, in fact, we believe that in many of our products we have achieved an increase and improvement in taste!

30% less sodium, 100% taste

So, how have we achieved this you ask?

We have been working with the Nu-Tek salt company, these guys have found a way to replace sodium with Potassium and make it taste like salt, there is no chemical change, simply and change in the processing that allows it to work.

We are very fortunate to be able to bring this to our customers first, and that they have been, and will continue to benefit from the improvements in taste, and health from our products. Don’t risk your health anywhere else, continue to enjoy delightful bakery breads, cakes, pies, and pastries, with a little less guilt, knowing that we’re assisting you to reduce you’re daily sodium intake.

So, choose “Uncle Bobs bread, instead”



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