Don’t be Fooled!

This is the label from one of our competitors “sourdoughs”, you will find similar ingredient lists on supermarket sourdough and “Artisan” bread loaves also.

Be warned!!

This is NOT sourdough, and it is NOT Artisan bread, it is a quick short cut version of the real thing. This type of bread fails to deliver on quality, taste, and nutrition, it is nothing more than deceptive marketing. Typically though they will still charge you a fortune for it as they call it sourdough.

Ingredient lists this long in bread exist due to a lack of skill, knowledge, and basic understanding of the bread making process. Don’t be fooled, make sure you’re getting REAL sourdough from you local baker.

Real sourdough only contains flour, salt, water, and sourdough leaven, it may contain a very small amount of yeast also. It’s flavor comes from the elaboration and control of the leavens fermentation process, during which time we extract the natural goodness from the flour.

Anything else is just a shortcut!


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