Not all Croissants are created equal.

Sometimes it is hard by just looking at bakery items to identify why one bakeries product may be better than another. Many look very similar and unfortunately it’s not until after your purchase that you realise that even though something looked ok, it really didn’t taste that great.

Croissants are a great example of this, most bakeries sell a croissant, and, to look at them they nearly all look the same, colour and slight shape variation is probably the only difference to the untrained eye. As  I’m sure you noticed though price can differ dramatically also.

Why is this?

Most bakery customers wouldn’t realise though that most croissants aren’t made by the bakery that sells them, up to 95% of bakeries in fact. They are brought in frozen and only baked off on site, yes they are baked fresh but that’s about the extent of it, it is at best misleading!

Many of this frozen style don’t even contain butter, only butter flavoured substitutes.

Our Croissants are made by us, they’re long cold fermented and laminated with real butter, a traditional French method in production. Obviously this is more expensive to do, but we believe that it is worth it, it provides greater value through taste, quality, and health.

A properly made croissant should have a beautiful golden colour, short flaky pastry, with an open texture like the ones below. Basically this is the best thing to remember, the more like bread they are, the less butter they have in the layers and the less likely it is to actually contain butter.


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